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What is a RAAWGURL?

What is a RAAWGURL?

What is a RAAWGURL?

A RAAWGURL is a woman who has been through her own struggles and finally stood up and said "Fck This Sh*t I'm taking my power back! "💯

That was it! I was done and had been fed up with life's BS. I was 22 living in downtown Houston with my grandmother in a small apartment. I had no job I wasnt in school and going back didn't sound appealing to me. Sometimes I would just cut my phone off and take long walks hoping that I would eventually be inspired by the something. That did not work for either. So I began to feel depressed and sad almost all the time. I thought that my life was shitty and that nothing worked for me.  I avoided my friends and began to believe the negative things I said to myself. I was actually at ROCK BOTTOM. 

Wow I thought to myself if I don't have anything and I ain't shit what can I lose? 

Then it hit, I don't have anything to lose so why not go after EVERYTHING? I finally got a little inspiration when a friend of mine sent me this motivational video of people like Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, Tony Robbins etc. My creative juices started flowing again, I wanted to create a new life for myself.  See we must realize that No Matter how bad it is or how bad it gets WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT !(quote by Les Brown BTW )

From there I went UP! I started the day off with prayer and said affirmations drank water and begin to live my life wwithwut shame, fear, guilt or worry. Of course some of these days I just want to stay under my covers but GOD. I owe all my growth to the one and only. I have taken lots of time and energy prayer and rejection to get to where I am currently. No longer will I be sad,  mad or bitter because honestly if my life isn't what I want it to be it's because I am not who I need to be. Be a RAAWGURL Today and take back your strength ,your peace of mind and knowing that everything is all good. Walk with confidence and hold your head high Queen. You matter! So please be YOU everyone else is already taken. Thank you for reading this I hope you feel inspired by this. Namaste Goddess ❤💋💄. Welcome to the RAAWGANG ! 

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